Monday, October 7, 2013

Tips for saving after the holidays

From saving tips after the holidays . He has seen fit to put at your disposal in addition to our guides on " Energy saving tips when we go on vacation " and " Save fuel : efficient driving guide " .

September has meant , as every year , a difficult month for much of the population. This is compounded by the decline in the savings rate of households , which stood at 13.2% of disposable income in the second quarter of this year, up 2.2 points lower than a year ago , according National Institute of Statistics ( INE ) .

In this context , presents the Decalogue with some options to help you spend less .

1. Watch purchase : According to various studies , acquire calls ' white marks ' , lower-priced but of similar quality, can reduce the budget for the purchase up to 40% .

2. Return to ' tupperware ' : If circumstances do not permit work to go home for lunch an economical alternative is to bring your own food . Besides being healthier menus least replaced cost about 8 euros , i.e 1,600 euros a year. Thus, taking the ' tupperware ' home could save up to 700 euros a year.

3. Save on gas and tolls traveling Car Sharing : Share car is to travel several people in a single car to a common destination distributing the costs among the occupants , reducing costs and CO2 emissions .

4. Drive efficiently : Do not overburden the trunk , start the engine without pressing the accelerator , choosing the right gear , do not force the changes , traveling at a constant speed or use engine braking are some of the habits that help decrease the consumption gas , which can be reduced up to 15% according to the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDEA ) .

5. Save on car maintenance : Improved results in lower maintenance costs and increased safety . Thus, a vehicle in disrepair besides being dangerous can increase fuel consumption up to 25% .

6. Enjoy secondhand products : In the last year, the second-hand market recorded 13.5 million consumers , almost 40 % of the Spanish adult population has been found in this option a powerful saving mechanism . Buy used products help reduce the cost of buying and selling can discard items that are no longer needed while entering some money.

7. Economize light: Although the government has decided to freeze the price of electricity in October , the truth is that this year has been increased by over 11%. To cope with this expense as basic actions like unplugging appliances that are not used can save up to 10% of total electricity consumption . Use energy saving light bulbs is also key to reducing electricity bill since, in addition to saving energy, reducing spending over 30 euros per bulb per year .

8. Limit water consumption Simple actions such as closing the stopcock slightly house , monitor drips and leaks, using flow reducers and dispensers do not affect the day to day and are a great savings.

9. Cut your phone bills : Compare different rates , either in the mobile phone or the company staff , and adapt to the actual use of the phone allows for savings of around 30 % on your phone bill .

10 . Enjoy discounts also on the Internet: Portals like online outlet , online stores or shopping sites are fundamental tools to save . For this reason , the portals of discounts or last minute deals have become more strongly this past year , especially as far as entertainment is concerned with proposals ranging from gastronomy to culture or getaway weekend.